Step into the Squared Circle!

You wanted new music? Well, We heard you!

Come, step into the ring with us and have our back while we face some of our most personal demons yet.

We have launched the first of our Squared Circles series of singles with not one, but 2 tracks!!

We give you Grip (Squared Circle Mix). A new perspective on a diM. fan favorite.

And Obstructed. A fast, hard hitting reminder of who we are and why you should stay out of our way, in case you forgot!!

Both will be hitting all of your favorite streaming services in the weeeee hours of the morning on 4/2/2021.
You can find where to purchase them right here as well!
So go get them. Go stream them.
Tell us you love them! Tell us you hate them! Just tell us.
And keep your eyes here as we have more to come.

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